“This is all the home I now have”: Deserted and Widowed Homesteaders

Women homesteaders ... pressed the bounds of imposed limitations with and sometimes without the help of their male counterparts. The women homesteaders in the Study Area also press the bounds of current homesteading scholarship.


Read, Transcribe and Enjoy Rural Women’s Diaries Online

Read, Transcribe and Enjoy Rural Women’s Diaries Online https://ruraldiaries.lib.uoguelph.ca/ Catharine Anne Wilson Have you ever wanted to read someone’s diary?  Now you can.  Nothing brings you closer to rural women’s daily life in the past than reading an old diary. The Rural Diary Archive is available online beginning 24 September 2015.  It broadcasts the availability … Continue reading Read, Transcribe and Enjoy Rural Women’s Diaries Online

Sources for Research: Olive “Polly” Matthews Stone, Radical Rural Sociologist

Olive “Polly” Matthews Stone (1897-1977) was a sociologist and advocate for social welfare, civil rights, and interracial relations in the South. Her life and career—with a focus on radical politics and social justice in rural societies, particularly during the 1930s—have largely been left unexplored